Thank You

2017 was Stello's biggest year so far, and I love you for being part of it. As we start 2018, I wanted to share a couple huge milestones and let you know what's coming.

Firstly, the milestones. A little before the ball dropped on 12/31, Stello passed 100,000 plays on SoundCloud. That's crazy to think about - especially considering we didn't release anything new until December 1st.

That is, until we put out Triplet No. 1: Apollo last month [Spotify | SoundCloud]. The response from you guys has been touching, plus we've gotten a surprising amount of love from some prominent music magazines

And then, there was the first (but not last) Aquaprom, our immersive dream-prom shared with some mighty talented friends.

What's next. In 2018, we're going for even more. Expect three more triplets this year, with announcements for Triplet No. 2 right around the corner. We're going to play in the world a lot more, both at clubs around NYC, in other cities (say, Philly? Boston?), and even a few more Aquaproms. We'll keep you updated on dates for everything, especially stuff in your city.

2018 is going to be fantastic. We can't wait to share it with you.

- Kit

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