Covid Concert Series

Hi everyone. This really sucks huh?

I've been thinking about how to keep in contact with you all, and how to play music in a way that feels lovely and intimate and real while we're all stuck in quarantine. I've watched so many of these Instagram Live videos folks are doing (I even did one last week), but something feels not quite right about it.

I want something that feels a little more interactive - a little more of a two way street. But then again, a group Zoom call with like 100+ people feels weird too, right? I mean how would that even work?

So here's where I landed: I'm game to do small, interactive Zoom video concerts for you and your friends, for at least 10 and at most 20 people at a time. Less feels awkward and more feels too big and I think I need a really expensive Zoom account for that or something.


Here are the steps:

1) Create an event on this page for the time that works for you.

2) Invite all your friends.

3) Make sure they all RSVP.

4) Once you get to 10, I or someone on the team will reach out and we can coordinate logistics.


So what'dya think? Let's have some fun.



Kit from Stello

No concerts yet.