Kit Conway

Lead singer and guitarist in Stello. We make music for nighthawks at the diner and quiet walks in the city. Text GOODNIGHT to (917) 512-4392 for new music, upcoming shows and just to be our friend.

Kit Conway is a singer, song-writer and guitarist headlining rising NYC indie rock act Stello. A graduate of NYU's Clive Davis School of Recorded Music, he formed Stello in 2014 with the release of Stello's first EP, Five Nite. Stello arguably found its truest footing a year later with the release of hit love tune Pretty Thing, which became the foundational inspiration for all that followed.

Two years later, Stello's act formed in full with the additions of Will Corona on guitar, Ollie Bomann on bass, Sam Revaz on keys and Isaiah Hazzard playing drums. The act committed to the release of four triplets in lieu of a debut album. Triplet No 1: Apollo was released in December of 2017 and Triplet No 2: Desire dropped in March of 2018. Triplet No 3: Fountain is due out in February of 2019.

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